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Does your car misbehave when you turn the engine on? Does your car keep on rolling even when you hit the brakes? These are a few examples and tell-tale signs that probably it is time to take your car to an auto garage. 

If you live in an area like Alfreton, then your car must endure a lot of abuse due to the daily traffic and road conditions. It might show signs of heavy wear and tear after a certain period. It is natural, and it happens to everyone. Now, at times, you may be able to maintain or repair certain parts. However, experts recommend opting for specialist mechanics to carry out your car’s repairing.

You will find experts like them in Colemans Garage at Alfreton, and they are always waiting to serve you the best they can.

When should you take your car for repairing or servicing?

The timing may vary for different kind of vehicles. If you own a passenger car or any other type of regular vehicle, then our experts suggest you go for an automotive repair every twelve months. Whereas, if you drive a heavy-duty vehicle like a truck, then we recommend you go for an interim check-up every six months. 

We provide outstanding services for all kinds of vehicles. So if ever you face any problems, give us a call.

Now let us see some of the repairing and servicing we do on a vehicle

So, these are some components or parts that you must check every time you go out on a long journey:


Tyre pressure


Steering fluid

Alignment of wheels

Transmission fluid

Air filter

All the lights


Tyre tread

These are a brief overview of the auto repair services, and procedures followed by COLEMANS GARAGE:

Headlight Alignment: In a country like the UK, the headlights usually tilt towards the left. While at the car maintenance centre, make sure that the technicians align the lights accurately. It can help you avoid accidents while driving in the dark.

Fuel servicing: During such kind of service, the engine comes into play. It is the residue that is usually left behind inside the motor that requires attention. Once you come to Colemans Garage, this is the first thing that our mechanics check for. They clear out these unwanted particles, thus making your car more fuel efficient and also limiting the amount of emissions.

Tyre servicing: The tyres are one of those parts that have to endure the maximum amount of blows and damage. They might get misaligned or worn out due to travelling too much on rough terrains.

Our experts think the correct alignment of tyres provides driving stability to you. On the other hand, their balance ensures the safety of your loved ones. Thus, it is of utmost importance that your wheels have the correct alignment. Correct alignment also makes sure that the durability and fuel efficiency of your vehicle improves significantly.

Engine servicing: If you are seeking a thorough check-up of your car, then make sure the engine gets extra attention from the engineer. Most of the standard services and repairing options that Colemans Garage provides are as follows:

Performance optimisation

Checking the engine bay

Replacement of components like the spark plug and the piston

Checking up on the tank and pump.

Repair at Colemans Garage

If you care for your loved ones, then you should immediately bring your car to our garage at Alfreton. We promise to deliver the best possible repair servicing so that you can have a memorable driving experience from the next time.