Car Tyres

Whether you are driving on a rocky surface or just on the streets of Alfreton, it does not matter. Maybe you even own an Audi or a Bentley; they become nothing more than showpieces without the proper set of tyres. Tyres are not only an essential component of your vehicle; they are the very ‘thing’ on which your car rolls.

The composition of a tyre and what does it do?

Modern car tyres are composed of rubber, both natural and synthetic. They also consist of wires, carbon black and specific other chemical components.

They have a tread pattern, whether symmetrical or asymmetrical, which is responsible for traction. On the other hand, the body of the tyre holds the air under high compressive pressure. 

We, at Colemans Garage, make sure that every aspect of your tyre performs as per the required standards. Once you receive our thorough service, you will feel the difference while driving back home.

Now, let us move onto the various types of tyres

All-season tyres: Although not compatible with extreme conditions, these car tyres indeed justify their name. They provide excellent grip on both dry and wet surfaces.

Winter tyres: These tyres are undoubtedly the best when it comes to performance on snowy tracks. Moreover, they provide good enough service under extreme conditions like thunderstorms and heavy rainfall.

Summer tyres: Along with the above two, Colemans Garage also maintains an extensive collection of summer tyres. 

The public in the UK usually goes for a tyre replacement, from winter to summer ones, when the mercury starts crossing the 7o C mark.

SUV tyres: Unlike any other tyres, they have a unique tread design that offers excellent driving comfort. They have significantly deeper grooves and slots on the sides that provide outstanding grip on all kind of surfaces.

Performance tyres: If you are a ‘speed’ enthusiast then these are your perfect choice. They offer excellent performance in any kind of terrain or under conditions of any sort. Impressive braking and handling performance also guarantee your safety.

Run-flat tyres: These tyres have reinforced sidewalls, and thus offer you the luxury of driving on even with a flat tyre.

Tyre repairing and replacement services

1.Pressure check: To make your tyres provide you with enhanced safety and fuel-efficiency, regular pressure check is necessary. 

      For this to happen, you need to visit Colemans Garage to check your tyre pressure regularly.

2.Re-treading: This process is only possible if your car tyre is in a presentable state. What our mechanics do is restructure the worn out tyre to produce new treads and grooves.

3.Punctured tyres and valve change: Except for those of you who own a run-flat tyre, a punctured tyre can cause severe damage to your car. Mechanics can quickly repair it at Colemans Garage by fixing the faulty valve. 

Modern vehicles come with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System). This signals you when the air pressure in one of your tyres is decreasing.

Tyre servicing at Colemans Garage

Our mechanics are some the best in the UK. Thousands of satisfied customers are a testimony to this. So, if you feel something is wrong with your tyres, come to us, and we will surely resolve the issue.

Moreover, you can now purchase your preferred tyres online from our website.