EU Tyre Label

From 1st November 2012, every new tyre on sale in the UK is legally required to have an EU tyre label attached. The European Regulation No. 1222/2009 makes these tyre labels mandatory. EU Tyre Label is introduced to help customers make an informed decision while looking for new car tyres. They are quite easy to understand. They are quite similar to the ones you can find with household appliances.  

The primary motive behind EU tyre label is to provide customers with more information on the performance of their car tyres. We, Colemans Garage Alfreton, abide by all the necessary regulations. That is why we have the appropriate labels on each tyre we sell. You will find products of different makes, design and performance in our stock, all with their correct tyre label attached.

Information on EU tyre labels

The EU tyre label mainly covers three areas:

Wet grip: This provides you information on how safe the tyre is and how well it will perform on wet roads. Tyres with better-wet grip ratings have relatively shorter braking distance, thus are more reliable to drive with. 

Rolling resistance: It indicates the energy that the tyre loses while moving. It is highly recommended to buy tyres with low rolling resistance. This particular rating is also directly related to the CO2 emission and fuel economy.

External noise: External noise rating is expressed in decibels. It shows how much noise a tyre makes while you drive your vehicle. Buying tyres with lower noise ratings reduce the overall noise emission from your car. 

How are EU tyre labels helpful?

By getting more information about the tyre’s performance on the labels, customers can put more thoughts into their purchase. You can purchase tyres based on your requirement, without the help of an expert. 

To earn better ratings for their tyres, manufacturers are working on improving their performance. Apart from performance, EU tyre labels are an indication of safety on the roads. Also, it indicates how environment-friendly the particular tyre is. All in all, a well-rated tyre is best both for the driver and the environment. 

The grading of each tyre is done by the manufacturer based on some strict tests. The tests are carried out to the required standards before labelling them. At Colemans Garage, all our tyres are well-tested and tagged accordingly. You will find proper information about every model even on our website.