In the recent years, there has been an urgency to reduce vehicle-emitted pollution. On that matter, the British government enforced a set of rules for all different type of cars. These mainly concentrated on the general safety of your vehicle, along with monitoring its emission standard. An inspection is done on any car over three years of age to make sure it adheres to these rules. This test is known as MOT. 

We, Colemans Garage, are one of the largest garages in Alfreton that take class 4 MOT tests. Our certified technicians will inspect your car in great detail to make sure that your vehicle is road-legal and safe to drive.

What is under an MOT test?

An MOT test mainly deals with the essential safety equipment and carbon output of a vehicle. Engine, transmission, drive train, etc. are not on the list. Here is a list of a few things that are included in an MOT test-

• Lights, including fog lamps, registration plate light, interior light, indicators and hazards, instrument console light, and headlights. 

• Electrical equipment, including battery, electrical wiring, and gauges.

• Steering wheel.

• Brakes, tyres and suspensions.

• Bodywork, including chassis integrity, doors, windscreen, fuel cap, mirrors, and seatbelts.

• Registration plate and VIN.

• Exhaust emission and PPM measurement. 

After testing all these, you will be issued certificates accordingly. If every component is healthy, and the vehicle passes a class 4 MOT test, you will get a VT20 certificate. If it does not, you will get a VT30, mentioning the issue.

Recently, the UK government has separated the faults at different levels. These are – 

Minor – Malfunctions which are not dangerous to the car owner or other fellow drivers fall under minor faults. In this case, your car is roadworthy and will clear a class 4 MOT test. However, it might eventually become something more serious; so you should repair it at the earliest.

Major – A major malfunction is something which can lead to a catastrophic accident. If there is a major malfunction, you may drive your car for as long as it takes to reach a service garage of your choice. However, you are to fix it at the earliest.

Dangerous – If the issue can cause an accident or render the car useless, it is categorised as a dangerous one. You are not allowed to take your vehicle out on the road with such an issue. 

Along with the new rules, there are some new exemptions as well. If you own a car that is older than 40 years, you will not have to do an MOT test for it.

Also, the government has fixed the maximum amount that a garage can charge for an MOT. So you won’t have to worry about any garage charging an absurd amount for this mandatory test.

MOT test at Colemans Garage

If you are looking for a certified, reputed, and reliable garage to take your car for an MOT test in Alfreton, you are at the right place. We are Colemans Garage, and we take MOT test Alfreton very seriously. You will find only the latest machines in our garage that we use to make sure your car is safe for you and your loved ones. 

So bring your vehicle to our garage today. Also, you can schedule your appointment ahead of your visit to avoid the queue. Call us to book your appointment, or visit our Contact Us page to schedule it online.