Run Flat Tyres

What if we tell you that you won't have to worry about punctures anymore? You must think that we are joking! How can there be a car tyre that cannot be punctured?

Well, while they are not precisely puncture-proof, but they shall continue to operate even when they are completely deflated. These are a particular type of tyres, called the run-flats, and they integrate technology made for the military to make sure you can drive your car even after its tyres get punctured.

Interested? Thinking about where might you get such a piece?

Well, lucky for you! Colemans Garage is now open at Alfreton and is ready to provide you with an extensive collection of Run-Flats at attractive prices. That’s not all! We sell our range of run-flat tyres online too! Visit our workshop at Alfreton to get the best deals on self-supporting tyres. 

Find out about Run-flat tyres

If you are considering buying a set of these tyres, it’s best to have proper knowledge of this technology. So, here is an overview on run-flat tyres -

Self-supporting tyres or run-flats are made in a way to make sure cars can run for about 50 miles at a moderate speed of 50mph. So imagine this - your vehicle faces a lousy puncture while driving home from work, but using self-supporting tyres, you can drive back safely, without being stranded on an empty road.

What’s behind the run-flat technology?

Run-flat tyres use Self-Supporting & Support-Ring Technology which allows tyres to self-heal in case of punctures. The self-supporting system uses a reinforced sidewall which enables it to work, even after air-loss. 

Good examples of run-flats are Continental’s ContiSeal and Bridgestone’s DriveGaurd. Check out these tyres at our garage in Alfreton at unbelievable prices. You cannot match our run-flat tyres price with any retailer in the vicinity. For more insight into our stock, visit Colemans Garage today.

Catch a glimpse of Self-supporting tyres at Colemans Garage


1. ContiPremiumContact™ 2

2. WinterContact™ TS 850 P

3. ContiWinterContact™ TS 830 P

For exceptional dry-wet grip, longevity and braking, order any of these Continental tyres from COLEMANS GARAGE’s digital store when you are looking to purchase run- flat-tyres online. 


1. DriveGuard WINTER

2. DriveGuard SUMMER



1. Scorpion Verde™


If you wish to look at more options for run-flat tyres at Alfreton, visit Colemans Garage. Our expert mechanics are always ready to assist you in picking your favourite tyre brand at the best available market price.