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Most of us try our best to keep our cars as efficient for as long as possible. We strictly follow the manufacturer’s module and drive at recommended speeds. However, it is not possible to take care of your car by yourself all the time. We are sure that you have other work as well!

Therefore, it is crucial for you to take your car to a car service garage in Alfreton or where ever it is that you live. This, according to every expert, is the best possible way to maintain your car. 

Types of services

Our garage along with other garages around the U.K. provides two kinds of services.

1. Interim service.

2. Full Service.

What is included in the interim service?

We, at Colemans Garage, cover a variety of minor check-ups, repairs and replacements in the interim service. Some of them are:


Fuel cap

Engine oil 

Gearbox oil

Windshield wipers

Hoses, pipes and fuel lines

Engine oil







Steering wheel


Fan belts



ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)

Oil filter

Fluid levels


Brake pads

Full services

Full service includes a thorough check-up of around 70 maintenance issues, and sometimes your car might require significant automotive repair. Allow us to list a few of those:

Air and oil filter replacement

Checking and replacing the spark plugs

Replacement of engine oil

Now, let’s see the advantages of periodical servicing

Optimal Performance: Regular servicing not only reduces the wear and tear that your car has gone through but also improves your car’s performance as its fluid levels, and other crucial components are taken care of.

Prevention of mishaps: Worn exhaust and brakes are one of the most common reasons for road accidents. Occasional visits to our car service garage at Alfreton will enable you to make sure that they are working fine.

Helps in reducing pollution: Proper maintenance of your exhaust system reduces the number of harmful gases your car emits. Timely maintenance also takes care of the grumbling noise that comes from your engine.

Cost-efficient: Correct, timely maintenance helps you to prevent spending lumps of money later on when you might have to replace a car part. These replacements can hit you hard monetarily.  

Duration between servicing

Every master technician recommends going to a car service centre every twelve-thousand miles. You can also arrange for a visit to our car service garage at Alfreton on an annual basis.

However, there are many factors concerning the duration between two visits, and some of them are:

The way you drive

The surface on which you usually tread on

The age of your car

Some high-end cars even come with an indicator that shows you the status of your vehicle. We think it is wise that you pay heed to those signals, and book an appointment with Colemans Garage immediately to receive state-of-the-art services.

Servicing at Colemans Garage

We, at Colemans Garage, realise the importance of your car in daily-life. It is due to this realisation that our car service garage employs some of the best and highly skilled engineers so that you can receive a complete and thorough servicing for your car.

Visit our garage for attractive car service deals that no other garage can provide.