Summer Tyres

Summers in Britain is exactly the kind of weather that we love: warm, cosy, and dry. It is that time of the year when people go out for road trips and long drives. It is also time to fit your car with summer tyres, which is a significantly different type of tyre. Whenever the temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius, it is time to change into winter tyres.

The rest of the year, you are stuck with summer tyres. So, what do you do? You buy the best models available. Whether you choose Pirelli, Continental, or Nexen, you need a quality supplier or retailer.

This is where Colemans Garage at Alfreton comes in. Are you looking for the best summer tyres price in Alfreton? You are in luck: at Colemans Garage, we store the best brands and sell them at the best possible prices.

Benefits of summer tyres

Summer tyres come with their own share of benefits. Some of them, only the most important ones, have been mentioned below.

Summer tyres generally have a mellower type of rubber. This soft rubber helps the tyres retain their nimbleness on clean, fresh roads. It also allows cornering at high speeds safely.

Summer tyres excel in a few areas, like in conserving fuel, ensuring better and longer tyre life, and overall, much better performance.

People often buy summer tyres merely for the driving pleasure that they offer. Almost all high-speed tyres that you see on racetracks around the world have tyres designed around these models.

The latest summer tyre trends

The next time you set out to buy summer tyres online, remember to watch out for these features.

Active Braking Technology: Colemans Garage at Alfreton believes in empowering our customers in making informed decisions. ABT is the technology of the future, and it will make ordinary roads a lot safer. The next time you buy tyres online, make sure they have ABT.

Technology inspired by racing: The racing industry has been a source of inspiration for passenger car tyres. As technology erodes the many myths surrounding the safety aspects of tyres, we believe that these features will percolate into everyday tyres too.

New Bubble Blade technology: A new technology called Bubble Blade is doing the rounds. It ensures smoother, faster, and more effective braking. 

Buy summer tyres in Alfreton

Whenever you plan on buying new summer tyres online, you’ll get them right here on our website. We store the best brands, and we offer the best packages. All the bells and whistles of the tyres are passed on to our customers.

Drive safe.