Tyre Threads

Let’s talk about something car owners seldom talks about- the treads on your car’s tyres. Many people will get a shock when they hear that the patterns on their car tyres are not just for show. 

Before we go into why tyre treads are so important, it’s crucial that you know there are regulations in the UK specifying the minimum legal tread depth. The magic number is 1.6mm. 

If the tread depth is any lower, you’ll fail the MOT. You can also be fined upwards of 2,500 GBP and three penalty points on your driver’s license by law enforcement agents. 

What’s the solution? Simple. Get new tyres. Driving with such low tread depth is not only against the law but also detrimental to road safety. If you are unsure about your tyres’ tread depth, bring your car to Colemans Garage Alfreton. Our experienced technicians will measure the tread depth carefully and recommend the correct course of action.

But why all the fuss about some crazy patterns? As it turns out, these patterns are more important than what meets the eye. Here’s how:

An indicator of the tyres condition

The tyre tread depth on a typical new car tyre is 8mm. As the miles keep passing, this depth keeps reducing due to wear. Although the legal minimum limit is 1.6mm, experts in the automobile industry recommend discarding a tyre when it is below 3mm. 

Heat and water dispersion

The friction caused by the tyres creates a tremendous amount of heat. On the other hand, water can also clog inside the tyre grooves. Treads help in dissipating both and ensure that your tyres neither blow up due to excessive heat nor lose traction because of water. 

Most tyres come with a treadwear warranty of between 60,000 and 90,000 miles. For an average driver, that’s more than what they drive in five years. So, tread wear is probably the most accurate indicator showing when you need to change your car tyres.

How can we help?

Whether you need to measure the tread depth of your car’s tyres, or need a brand new set altogether, you should bring your car to Colemans Garage Alfreton for an all in one service. Our technicians will measure the tread depth accurately, and if they are sub-par, you can choose a car tyre from our extensive collection of different brands and models. All our products are offered at prices you won't find anywhere else, so, visit us today and ensure your safety on the road.