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Time to replace your old car tyres? Well, why don’t you take a look at Bridgestone? 

The largest tyre manufacturer dominating the automobile industry, Bridgestone car tyres have earned their global popularity due to their revolutionary innovations & state-of-the-art tyres. 

Colemans Garage Alfreton is one of the largest vendors of Bridgestone tyres. Presently we have set up our online store too so that you can buy Bridgestone tyres online.

Let’s learn about Bridgestone!

1931 saw the birth of Bridgestone car tyres. It was founded by the farsighted Shojiro Ishibashi, who foresaw the need for a new breed of tyres to conquer unpredictable roads of today. Bridgestone embarked on their ground-breaking journey into the tyre industry after they started selling their rayon cord tyres. Soon, they gained public recognition by selling Japan’s first radial tyre, the RD10 in 1967.

That’s not all! Post-1980, Bridgestone with an ambition to conquer the racing world, started their rollercoaster ride in Motorsport. They are well noted for supplying tyres in the Grand Prix (1976 – 1977), and they have been the lead sponsors of Formula 1 since 1997.

With a big thumbs-up from leading brands like Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, and Porsche for their contribution towards motorsports, Bridgestone car tyres grew in demand amongst global customers. 

Presently with more than 50 production facilities employing 55,000 workers, Bridgestone sells to numerous retailers like Colemans Garage in Alfreton. We stock a wide range of Bridgestone tyres at our garage. From exclusive winter tyres to all- season models, to 4x4 which can traverse a rough road with ease; get the latest collection from Bridgestone at affordable prices just from our store. To check our stock, visit our garage, or you can check them right here at our website and purchase your Bridgestone tyres online. 

A brief look at Bridgestone products at Colemans Garage-

General Use B250

This model is an all-purpose Bridgestone tyre. Offering a comfortable ride with better mileage, and excellent stability, this product is perfect for your family vehicle. 

Bridgestone DriveGuard WINTER

Offering security along with exceptional comfort and grip in wet & snowy conditions, DriveGuard WINTER is perfect for that winter skiing trip you have been planning.


Environmental friendly and offering excellent traction in all road conditions, the ECOPIA EP 150 is the tyre to choose if you are looking for higher gas mileage.

To check out more Bridgestone car tyres, visit our garage, Colemans Garage, Alfreton today. Pick whatever you need at affordable prices. 

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