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When your car isn't performing as well as it used to, it might be because your car tyres are too worn out, and cannot grip the road efficiently anymore. This is an inevitable fact. The constant friction that your car’s tyres have to endure slowly robs them off of their tread depth making them too dangerous to use, especially in rainy and snowy conditions.

The best solution to this problem is to get a brand new set of car tyres. There are plenty of companies worldwide that manufacture high-quality car tyres, but if you ask us, we would recommend picking Goodyear car tyres.

Employing about 64,000 workers in nearly 48 facilities around the globe, Goodyear sells their products in more than 122 countries. Colemans Garage is one of the largest retailers of Goodyear tyres in the Alfreton area. There are many top brands that we know of, but choosing Goodyear for your car can prove to be a wise investment. 

Why is Goodyear the jewel amongst jewels?

Check out Goodyear’s accomplishments, and you’ll know why you won’t regret picking Goodyear tyres for your passenger car in Alfreton–

Goodyear car tyres fitted in Henry Ford's Model T created a favourable impression amongst middle-class consumers back in 1980.

Craig Breedlove, an eminent racer, crossed 600 miles in an hour using Goodyear tyres.

Goodyear's XLT tyres were the first tyres sent to the moon on Apollo 14's MET. 

By 1993, Goodyear came up with their Aquatred tyres for enhancing performance in wet roads.

The first tyre company that got acknowledged for winning 350 F1 Grand Prix race was Goodyear.

Goodyear is the first company to master RunOnFlat technology. Their car tyres can run at up to 50mph for at least 50 miles even after losing all their air pressure.

Another winning point in favour of Goodyear is their Air Maintenance Technology™. This got recognition from Time Magazine as one of the best innovations of 2012.

Goodyear car tyres created a benchmark in innovations by discovering the utility of soybean oil in tyres. Using this technology, Goodyear now provides long lasting tyre treads which last ten times longer. 

Goodyear is planning to introduce their futuristic Eagle 360 Urban very soon.

Well, with these accomplishments, it’s clear why picking Goodyear for your car in Alfreton is a sensible decision. If you want an extensive collection to choose from, visit Colemans Garage to select your preferred set of Goodyear tyres! For your convenience, we sell your favourite Goodyear tyres online too! Get the latest collection at unbelievable prices just from Colemans Garage.