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Tyre Manufacturers - Hankook Tyres

Are you looking to buy a new set of car tyres? If you want your new car tyres to be of top quality, you must always choose a top brand. And Hankook is one such brand you can trust. They are amongst the fastest growing tyre manufacturers in the world. 

Colemans Garage Alfreton stocks some of the best tyres from the giant of a tyre manufacturer. Visit us any time to take a look at the range of Hankook tyres we sell. You can also buy these tyres from our e-store and get them delivered to your doorstep. 

High-quality tyres from one of the world’s largest brand

The rapid growth rate of the company has resulted in it becoming the 7th largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Hankook started their journey in 1941 as Korea’s first automobile tyre manufacturing company. Now, after more than 70 years, their tyres are retailed in more than 180 countries all over the world. In the UK, you can get their tyres from Colemans Garage. 

The grand success of Hankook is primarily because of their high performance, high-quality tyres. This company is particularly well-known for their radial tyres. Their R&D section contributed a multitude of technology to the automobile industry. As a result, their tyres are now original equipment on luxury vehicles from some of the leading brands. Cars from Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and several others come with Hankook tyres installed. 

A company that focuses on R&D

Every year, Hankook invests approximately 5% of its revenues in Research and Development. That is why they have 5 R&D centres all around the world. Their R&D centres are in the USA, Korea, Germany, Japan and China. 

Thanks to their focus on R&D, the company can develop the latest tyres as per the needs of the market. They are known to manufacture innovative and customised solutions for satisfying the consumers. No wonder they are so popular today. 

Buy Hankook tyres from us

Colemans Garage is proud to offer the best tyres from such an excellent brand. We have Hankook tyres of different models and makes. These tyres can be fitted on different types of vehicles, including van, passenger car and off-roaders. You can also get multiple design and performance options on these tyres. Visit our garage in Alfreton to get your new set of Hankook tyres.