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When you think of a car tyre famous for reliability, comfort and better mobility, Michelin is probably the only brand that comes to mind. With emblematic innovations and advanced technology, Michelin has combined their 125 years of experience to create tyres which are made to combat any road conditions. 

Currently employing 111,700 workers in more than 170 countries, Michelin has more than 68 production facilities, and supplies to numerous retailers like Colemans Garage Alfreton. We recommend Michelin car tyres to vehicle owners who are looking for tyres which can boost their car’s performance regardless of the road condition. Here are the reasons why availing Michelin is an economical choice –

Michelin – a worthy buy

No one wants to invest in a product unless it’s worth the money, and Colemans Garage respects it, so read on why buying this brand is worth it –


1905-Michelin introduces their ‘Sole Tyre’. A cross-ply made of natural rubber & cotton to improve grip & longevity.

1933 - Michelin develops a studded tyre to facilitate driving on ice-laden roads.

1934- The brand comes up with Michelin ‘Stop Tyres’ for reducing skidding on wet roads.

2004 – For continuous mobility, the Michelin comes up with ‘Tweel technology’.

2007 – To help drivers keep track of pressure & temperature, Michelin introduces their EMS: ELECTRONIC TIRE MONITORING SYSTEM.

2010 – Michelin improves run-flat technology and comes up with MICHELIN Protek Max inner tube, which seals itself after a puncture.

2012- For excellent wet braking and better mileage, Michelin introduces the MICHELIN Energy TM E-V tyre. Get this one from COLEMANS GARAGE’s web store while shopping for your Michelin tyres Online. We’ll provide you Michelin’s tyres at prices you won’t find anywhere else. 

2014 –With advanced rubber compound, these tyre offers exceptional grip on roads for a safer drive.

Winning models of Michelin at Colemans Garage

MICHELIN Primacy 4

MICHELIN CrossClimate+

MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4

MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 S

MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2

MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4

MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4

This is just a preview; to check out more products of our favourite Michelin car tyres, visit Colemans Garage in Alfreton. You can also check our stock from COLEMANS GARAGE’s official website while shopping for Michelin tyres online.