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Every one of us has a unique driving style. Our preferred car, the tyres that we choose, everything reflects what we want to do when we are behind the wheels. 

If you are looking for that adrenalin rush, that half a second less while touching the quarter mile, you can pick Yokohama’s tyres for your car. They are the perfect option if you’re looking for safety without compromising your speed. For all the car enthusiasts out there, Colemans Garage in Alfreton brings you a vast collection of car tyres form the house of Yokohama. 

Yokohama uses state of the art technologies in their Research & Development centre. They strive to offer customers tyres which can take on any road condition. Presently Yokohama enjoys a net sale of 596,193 million yen per year, and employees nearly 24,160 employees; selling to innumerable traders across the globe like ours in Alfreton. We provide consumers with the latest range of Yokohama car tyres from this tyre brand worth 6 billion yen. You can check out our vast stock the next time to you plan on buying your Yokohama car tyres. 

Why convert to Yokohama car tyres?

Yokohama is a brand that caters to the entire automobile market, whether you own a passenger car, sports car, or an off-road vehicle you will find something suitable from Yokohama’s stable. Their range of collection is perfect for you, providing exceptional mileage and offering unmatched quality. Here is why Yokohama is one of the top-selling brands in COLEMANS GARAGE’s store –

Quality is impeccable 

Combining orange oil and synthetic rubber, Yokohama uses advanced technology and scientific methods to create tyres which offer longer tread life and better mileage. That’s not all; they provide drivers with a much quieter drive and excellent road grip in wet or dry conditions. So, come to Colemans Garage in Alfreton, and equip your car with the latest range of tyres.

Yokohama invests in their tyres

Yokohama invests more than a million dollars in R&D to produce tyres which consist of state-of-the-art designs and modern features. Here is a preview of their winning models equipped with the best technologies on COLEMANS GARAGE’s shelf –


2. W.DRIVE V902A

3. W.DRIVE V903



To check out more collection, you can visit us in Alfreton; and our mechanics will personally aid you in picking the best Yokohama car tyres for your vehicle. We also provide various other tyre related services at affordable rates. Visit us today; call us to schedule your appointment.