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You have probably never given much thought to the small rubber cap on your tyre. That’s a valve. It’s one of the smallest components of the car, but don’t be fooled by its size. Valves perform the vital task of regulating air in or out of your car’s tyres. 

Think of them as gatekeepers who ensure that everything stays in their proper place- air in and dirt out. If not for valves, you would have found it impossible to inflate or deflate your car’s tyres.

How this tiny thing does such a huge job? 

It’s elementary, my dear Watson. Valves act as the access points for adjusting your tyre pressure. When you last checked the pressure of your car’s tyres, did you notice that the mechanic removed a small cap and inserted the pressure monitor? That’s the valve cap he removed. 

Most cars in the UK use what is known as the Schrader valve. The key components of this valve system are:

Valve core



All these play an important part in keeping the air inside your car tyres. Unfortunately, these are as prone to damage and wear as any other part of your car.

If you have a car with TPMS, its tyre valves should be compatible with them as well. In a TPMS compatible valve system, there is a sensor fitted right below the stem that communicates with the TPMS and lets you know if the tyre pressure falls below acceptable levels.

How can they get damaged?

Like any other component of your car, tyre valves are also subjected to wear. Since valves are exposed to the elements, plenty can go wrong. Constant exposure to sunlight, rain, ice, snow and dirt wears them out eventually. Luckily, it is a slow process, and you don’t have to change valves every two weeks.

‘Great! One more thing to replace in my car! Why don’t the garages take away all my money?’

If that’s your reaction, you can breathe easy. Valve replacement is one of the cheapest services that you can avail. The best thing is that once you do it, you are ready for years to come. 

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