Van Tyres

The reader surely knows how different van tyres are from standard passenger car tyres. Vans are significantly heavier than ordinary cars you see on roads. They are capable of bearing a lot more weight and use substantially heavier and sturdier tyres.

If you are looking to buy van tyres online, you are in luck. At Colemans Garage in Alfreton, we store the best available brands of these tyres. We also offer them at unprecedented price points. We realise how vital these tyres are and give advice to our customers on how to maximise the tyre’s life.

Are van tyres different?

They are. Van tyres are very different from standard car tyres. This is because they have to shoulder a lot more weight while trudging down worse-than-normal roads. Hence, they must have more strength. Given below are some differences between these tyres and the ones your passenger car use.

•    Van tyres have reinforced walls. This is not merely a feature to increase load-bearing capacity; it also helps the van escape serious blow-out incidents on the road.

•    Remember that vans are physically more imposing than passenger cars. In the UK, most vans have heights of around 2.3 meters. Many models have wheelbases of approximately 4.3 meters. When you buy van tyres online, you must choose on two factors: the long wheelbase and a high door.

•    Incidentally, van tyres come with some rather unique sidewall markings. Suffixes like XL and RF are common. While XL means extra load, RF means reinforced wheels. These are desirable qualities.

Buying van tyres at Alfreton

In and around Alfreton, many van owners complain that they do not have access to the best tyre brands. Major manufacturers like Pirelli, Continental, and Nexen are pretty popular in the UK. They might be better-known as passenger car tyre makers, but their van-specific products are equally good.

Now that Colemans Garage is in town, you won’t have to wait any longer to buy your favourite brands. Merely visit our facility at Alfreton. From the comfort of your home, and with a few clicks, you can also buy them online. We are open on all business days.

Buying van tyres at Alfreton has never been easier.