Winter Tyres

The frost is accumulating in Alfreton, and it’s time you secure your car for maximum road safety! If you’re still using those old all season or summer tyres, it might not be such a wise idea. These tyres are perfect but only as long as the temperature does not fall below 7 degrees Celsius.  

Well, to prevent such mishaps from happening, Colemans Garage is here in Alfreton to offer you an extensive collection of winter tyres. What’s more? We offer unmatched price on snow tyres from some of the top tyre companies like Bridgestone, Pirelli, Dunlop, Continental & others.

Importance of winter tyres 

One of the prime reasons we recommend UK citizens to get winter car tyres is because of their key features, which are as follows –

Natural rubber compound facilitates longevity and offers better mobility and grip in snowy conditions.

Winter tyres come with deeper grooves to help maintain road grip better in snow-laden roads.

For better braking and acceleration, winter tyres come with additional sipes.

No water accumulation courtesy to exceptional self-cleaning properties.

Tips to choose the best snow car tyre 

If you’re shopping for winter car tyres for the first time, it’s better to come to our garage and physically match the tyre to your car. Our mechanics will be ready to assist you in picking and fitting your winter car tyre.

However, if you wish to order tyres online, remember these key points before ordering -

Tread depth matters! Pick a top brand and order a snow car tyre with a minimum tread depth of 8 mm. The deeper the grooves, the better the road grip over snow-covered roads.

Always keep the warranty of the tyre in mind! When you are availing winter car tyres, we suggest you pick a reputed brand and buy tyres which offer at least 4-5 years of warranty. 

If your area receives heavy snowfall, go for studded tyres! Studded tyres are ideal for traversing heavy snow. An excellent example of studded tyres is Blizzak Spike-01 from Bridgestone. Order this product at COLEMANS GARAGE’s online store to conquer even the worst snow conditions. 

Colemans Garage for winter tyres 

Colemans Garage is one of the biggest retailers of winter car tyres in Alfreton. We have a vast collection of winter car tyres for you to choose from. 

Additionally, we offer exclusive deals and re-treading services too. Visit Colemans Garage whenever you require new tyres or want your old ones serviced. Our mechanics will be happy to help and assist you with your car.